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Drums and percussion are the oldest known musical instruments on the Earth. Man has been drumming since prehistoric times; and drums have been found to exist in virtually every ancient civilization's culture. But besides going back to the very roots of man, drums and percussion also go to the deepest part of the human psyche.

The power that a rhythmic pulse possesses is undeniable- and to many, it is much more than that. It is irresistible. Sunlite Drums knows and understands that feeling. That urge, that compelling surge of energy that follows, and all of the excitement that is drumming is something that is very familiar to us. For twenty years now, Sunlite Drums has been committed to providing the finest instruments we can for those who share in, and understand this passion for creating the very foundations of music. This commitment also includes doing all we can to deliver them as affordably as possible into to the hands of all that share our love for the sound of the beating of a drum.

We invite you to explore our catalog; and the other information here on our site as well as the links to some of our partners, and sites of interest. If you don't see, or can't find something you're looking for, or would like to suggest something you'd like to have us include here, contribute an article or a feature, email us at: [email protected]


The 9 ply shells have maple exteriors with basswood interiors. This combining of shell materials produces more complex tones with more complete harmonic properties. The basswood inner layers provide fabulous projection and clarity, while the warmth of the maple....more


Top Gun
Ahhhh....there's nothing like the sound and looks of lacquer finished drums! No less than 7 gorgeous colors of transparent lacquer are offered in the Top Gun 5 pc. kit. Each coat is applied with care by experts who know that too much of a good thing can actually....more

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