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Guitars are amazing on so many levels. Music and all musical instruments are too, of course; but the guitar? There's just something about a guitar that we think gives it a bit of an edge. One thing guitars have over other instruments, is shared by all of the stringed instruments. They have the advantage of the capability of producing multiple notes simultaneously. That ability to accompany oneself with harmony, or bass lines, or chords opens up so many possibilities that just simply aren't available to you with other instruments (except the harmonica and keyboards). This versatility coupled with their transportability has been key to stringed instruments being used in more genres of music throughout history than any other instrument (with the piano coming in a close second).

Coming in all sizes and configurations imaginable nowadays, guitars are the most popular instrument to learn in the world. It's no wonder. Whether you like classical, folk songs, polkas, ethnic folk music, country and western, the blues, flaminco, jazz, experimental, or good ol' rock and roll, you can jump right in with a guitar.

Sunlite Guitars are currently produced in 19 different styles/configurartions; with each being available in a wide variety of colors. From ½ and ¾ size children's models in both nylon and steel stringed versions, to full size student models, to our beautiful solid topped models, electrics, and basses, we're dedicated to bringing quality built guitars that help you want to learn- guitars that sound and play so well that they can keep you coming back for more.

We invite you now to explore our catalog, check out the other items of interest here, and then surf the sites on our links page… If you don't see or find something you're looking for, or would like to suggest something to have us include here,contribute an article or a feature, email us at: [email protected] We'd love to hear from you.


GD-2240 Solid Top
The all new GD-2240GBCP adds the convenience of a cutaway body and the flexibility of active electronics which feathure 4 band EQ and built in chorus. Play one, and we believe that you will never be able to look at $1000 guitars the same way again.....more


GW-2400 Acoustic Bass
With a full 34" scale, special design double X bracing, a spruce topped jumbo cutaway body with mahogany back and sides, the 2400 Series acoustic electric bass puts out more acoustic volume and sustain than others costing 2-3 times more. For amplified applications, ....more

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