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Our solid topped 2500 Series Jumbos bring the incredibly rich sound and full volume that can only come from a guitar of its stature. These are full size- not "mini-jumbos" as are many of the others offered today.

Solid spruce tops, with mahogany backs, sides, and necks, rosewood fingerboards and bridges, sealed, close ratio machine heads, bodies bound front and back, inlaid rosettes, and beautiful high gloss finishes all make up the parts; but the whole is considerably more than simply the sum of its pieces in the case of this fabulous instrument.

Two distinct versions are offered- the traditional acoustic GWJ-2500G, and the acoustic/electric cutaway GWJ-2600GBCP. With its active preamp providing 4 band equalization, and a built-in chorus, it's the perfect on stage companion. You can keep the stomp boxes at home; and even played straight through your regular guitar amp, its sound won't leave you wanting..

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