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  "I record my film scores with Sunlite guitars." Del Casher  
  "The professional's Choice!" Artie Niesen  
  "Who says a good drum set has to be expensive - it just has to sound great!" Bobby Morris  
  "I peersonally recommend that you see and hear the difference yourself." Christian Phelps  
  "Have you heard the new sound of Sunlite?" Ed Grell  
  " A strong drum for a strong drummer." Kirk Marshall  
  "A pro-quality kit for drummers at any level." Larry Franquez  
  "Have you heard the new sound of Sunlite?" Manny Kellough  
  "As a professional drum instructor, I highly recommend Sunlite drums. Anyone who takes the time to check them out will simply be amazed." Ron Kaye  
    "Taking on the Practice Monster"  
  "I look for several things in a drum set, the sound, the construction, the look and the price. Sunlite has them all." Steve Faulkner  
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Sunlite at 2004 Anaheim NAMM Show
Modern Drummer Reviews "Studio" Kit (Nov. 2003) - PDF Format
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